Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser

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This aroma diffuser instantly vaporizes water and essential oils. It can be used for aromatherapy or simply as a humidifier. Use it to freshen the air, relax, and to help you sleep.


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Product information:

Product: USB Portable humidifier
Water capacity: 300 ml
Size: 110*110*115mm
Colour:Dark wood grain, light wood grain
Power: 2W
Voltage: 5V
Spray power: 50ml/h
How to use it:
1.  Open the top cover counterclockwise
2. Add clear water
3. Connect USB Power Supply
4. single click switch, open the spray mode.
Products include:
1. Humidifier*1
2. USB Data Line*1
3. Instructions for Use*1

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matters needing attention:

When using essential oil drop 250ml of water into 2 drops of essential oil .(key note please put essential oil according to the proportion,otherwise the humidifier will be damaged)




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